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Re: The Sloan in-store tour

At 01:42 PM 8/10/96 -0600, you wrote:
>Actually, staying in town and doing a lot of national press in one little
>city, not to mention one little redneck city, is mighty corporate.
>Especially when record company reps, and not Murder ones but MCA,
>accompany you everywhere.

Well, hmmmm. First of all that post really didn't make that much sense, to
me at least.
Secondly...talk about generalization...
I think you should maybe get to know some mca reps before hacking on them...
All the MCA reps i've talked to have been super nice & helpful to me whether
it be for the sloan site or for shawn's and my zine. A friend of mine is a
MCA rep, and he is a really good guy, and a really good rep, who knows what
he's talking about. 
so shut up.
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