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Re: FW: The Sloan in-store tour

Look I am not going to get into an argument about this but I want to make 
two points:

1) Which is better - an in-store in August and a show in Sept/Oct or nothing 
until Oct.? At least people get to see the band for half an hour, and meet 
them. Giving people the *basic gist* is exactly what is needed to make new 
fans - and everyone wants to expand their fan base. Who would begrudge a 
band that? And hey, if you don't like in-stores no one is forcing you to go. 
 Some people are actually excited about getting to see their fave bands up 
close and personal like that.  They're much more intimate that club shows, 
or larger venue shows.  Personally I LIKE the accesibility of in-stores and 
that feeling that you're seeing something very special.
2) This bitching about "corporate sellout" crap is tired.  Sloan is about 
the furthest thing from "corporate" that I can imagine. People are WAY too 
quick about jumping on that
 Also, seeing as this all started about the Calgary in-store in particular 
I'd like to point out that Megatunes is an independent store.  Also, I would 
like to point out that Megatunes has recently expanded and the store should 
be able to hold 150-200 people in it and there is a stage built right into 
the store.

Also James, I liked your analogy of the movie trailer.  Last time I checked 
you were likely to see a movie trailer about 3-6 weeks in front of the 
movie's actual release.  Interesting that this little taste is coming around 
the same amount of time in front of a tour, now isn't it?

Luv & kisses....
(honest, I'm not always this bitchy)
From: James Russell Covey
To: Ferguson, Cori
Cc: sloannet
Subject: Re: FW: The Sloan in-store tour
Date: Monday, August 12, 1996 3:47PM

hmm.  seems to me that both shawn and cori missed something in
elizabeth's post that she assumed rather than spelled out.

one can't complain about instores for price -- free -- but
that aside, compared to bar shows or other venues they *suck*.
bands just do not do full-on rock shows at instores in my
experience.  well, except for orange glass.  :-) and the
set is shorter, and the sound isn't as good.  so when elizabeth
says it smells a little corporate, i agree -- an instore without
an accompanying full-on live show is like a trailer without the
movie.  all it does is give people the basic gist and make some
publicity waves.  you still have to pay for the real goods.


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