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halifax on pop

Well I missed Sianspheric because of work( paying for school sucks>  , well
at least my freinds bought me a shirt to make up for the missed show. I was
told they were coming back for the Halifax On Pop Show. Does anyone know any
more of the band schedule for the festival.
On Saturday I did get to catch Burnt Black and Adrenaline. I'm not sure if
anyone on sloan net would be into adrenaline since they are more along the
slayer side of things, but the their new bass player is a good friend of
mine so I am kind of biased. They are vveerryy agressive. I found Burnt
Black kind of generic of the grunge scene, which may have been fresh 5 years
ago, but is now very boring. What Halifax needs is a band so out there, you
can't lump them into a catagorie. We have way to much of one style (power
Pop>  Don't get me wrong, I like Sloan, Hardship Post etc... , but a change
is always nice. Has Halifax ever had an industrial type band?


        "their so off their on"