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It is a cryin' shame

James my man, your so right. Hardship post are one of the best bands to
come from the east coast if not the best! I tend to be a little bias, I'm
origanally from NFLD. I never got the chance to see them live and now I
guess I never will and Thought is very depressing. By the way there is an
E.P out Called Low Ebb  by Sackville, who are based in Montreal, and are on
Magwheel Records. Because I'm living in Sackville N.B., I started playing
them on my radio show for Ovious reasons and then relized that this 8 song
E.P. is one of the best new bands I've heard in the last year, along with
Scatching Post, and a band from Ottawa named Sully. If you get a chance to
see these bands or have Info on Sackville Email me please.
                                                             Cheers Dave