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i'm back.

hey folks.  back from boston.  just for the record, june of 44 were amazing.

a few things:

- about scarce:  as shant said, they're not from halifax, but they're 
  local favorites because of killer shows at a couple of halifax pop
  explosions.  as for what they're like, imagine johnny dee from honeymoon
  suite trying to sound like david bowie while singing lead for the pixies.
  it can be done.  :-)
- about elevator to hell:  dream asked why no one has talked about the
  new elevator to hell.  probably because most people on the list are
  canadian and it's not out in canada yet.  not to mention the fact that
  2/3 of the CD is not, in fact, new.  my travelling companion bought it
  while we were in boston last week but i didn't get to listen to it.  so
  i haven't heard the new stuff yet either.  

- about hardship post:  yes, hardship post have broken up, and with barely
  a mention of them on sloan net lately it makes me very sad.  hardship post
  were the first band that i saw in halifax that i thought were truly 
  exciting to see live (i'm afraid the early versions of sloan and eric's
  trip live didn't really cut it for me!).  sebastian was the first musician
  i ever interviewed.  the recent re-incarnation of the band was definitely
  the most under-appreciated band in halifax.  all three members were writing
  their best songs ever, yet no one cared about their live shows anymore, it
  seemed.  apparently sebastian is going back to school.  i don't know what's
  up with the other members.

- having just got back from boston and shows at the middle east and tt's,
  let me just say for the umpteenth time -- this town needs an indie-rock
  venue.  a smaller one, i mean.


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