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Re: yet another funny acticle

>So I was reading this shitty mag called "access" and it read exactly like
>this: some blurb about ET breaking then, and I quote "At press time
>SloanNet(internet disscussion forum for all things sloan) was abuzz
>concerning a farewell gig in moncton with opening act rumoured to be Thee
>Suddens, alias Sloan." HAHAHAHA this is the reason why there are no
>sucessful canadian acts, our own damn press doesn't even have a clue to as
>whats going on.

Not true, some of the Canadian Press has a clue as to what's going on.    
Free newspapers, a la Eye and Now and pretty reliable, as is Impact, and 
really good mag is Chart.  It's just the magasines that in the late 80's 
when hair bands were in style they all called themselves things like 
"canada's rock magazine" and other shit.  And in 1991 with the dawn of 
grunge they quietly removed this subtitle from their pages.  Their staff has 
not changed since these days, therefore they have no clue as to what they 
are talking about.  I remember a few years ago when MEAT magazine called 
themselves Canada's metal magazine and rated a good album 5 M's (1 M being 
light, and 5 being full-out heavy metal).  They have since stopped all of 
these old habits and have turned themselves into your regular "alternative" 
coverage magazine.  That's why you don't even bother to pick up those titles.

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