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Re: more of our stupid noise

>>one more thing...the last song is a cover called "making our dreams come
>>true" by len...
>>i know this song was from a tv show...i guessed it was "lavern and
>>shirley"...am i right?
>yeah, that's the one.. how can u not remember that? :)

i'm only 16...therefore it was on when i was a kid...i knew it sounded
familiar but it took me awhile to figure out where it was from...my mom
couldn't even remember.

>east coast content wise, this really is a good compilation.. it has a lot
>of east coast bands on it such as eric's trip, broken girl, moon socket,
>purple knight, thee suddens, orange glass, elevator to hell.. also a new
>very excellent versus song.. and more..

speaking of elevator to hell...
moonsocket, broken girl, and purple knight all sound different from eric's
trip unlike the above. i think eth should fill in for whoever has a gaping
void for eric's trip...and if eth won't do, listen to some orange glass...