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Re: The Sloan in-store tour

At 12:59 PM 8/10/96 -0600, you wrote:

>        No, i'm all for a band playing free shows.  What bothers me is when
>a band does what is essentially a press tour.  It *is* a big corporate move
>to only play record stores, followed by autograph sessions.

Umm if you recall w/ all the hype of Sloan "getting back together" they said
that the big tours are just to much on them as far as energy and the
friendship's . I still don't think it's coperate for the band to do those
tours, its a part of band life, most bands do it.
>interviews with time restrictions with a MCA rep present.  Sorry, but that
>is a big corporate move, and it makes me sad when my favorite band starts
>catering to the man and not the kids.

Who sayes a band has to cater to the kids??? SO what if theirs time
restrictions on the interviews??? Having time restrictions means * a lot*
more people get to interview them, not just one or two people. Why is
everyone hacking on MCA rep's anyways??? Do you personally know any MCA
reps??? Well I know one, and he's a really nice and sweet guy, he gave
Heather and I a bunch of Sloan posters, getting us a interview w/ the Local
Rabbits, giving us stuff for our zine. Another nice MCA rep is Cory who is
on this list, shes been a great help w/ our Sloan website. So just lay off
the reps, its not like they themselves are doing this, its job to do this, I
don't think they wake up in the morning and say "Oh I'm gonna put time
restrictions on Sloan interviews today and book them on a  press only tour",
its their job, so just chill.

>Chris Murphy claims to be such a big supporter of Ian
>MacKay, but why are sloan pulling all these big rock star moves?

So what??? I love Ian MacKaye and his views, doesn't mean I'm straight edge.
I give the man prop's for being able to be straight edge and all, and I
totally support Fugazi, but doesn't mean I'm gonna go running around trying
to be them.

>        I don't know.  I mean, i realize that they've got to pay their bills
>and all, but it all just seems really weird.  

Ya it is weird, some people actually like to have money and be able to eat.


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