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friday night...

s'ok, here's how it went.

-early on (ha! try at 10:30!) hercules hit the stage at the oasis to a 
very empty room (maybe 5 people not including guest listers and band 
members) and kicked things off with a b. ryan instrumental rocker that 
reminded me greatly of polvo's "time isn't on my side."  needless to say, 
i enjoyed it a lot.  the rest of the set was brief and well done, a 
little on the sloppy side, but with some good carazma to make up for it. 
dolce. subito.

-next, i trundled across town to the birdland just in time to see mars we 
love launch into their second song (or so).  having heard this band more 
times than most will in their entire lives, i'd have to say that they 
were pretty damn good, and that the two-handed tapping, 
artificial-harmonics, palm-muting guitar works of jason amey are a nice 
new change, and the whole metal angle is a bit refreshing in this 
uber-pop town.  anyways, i thought they were good.

-up next was SIANspheric4, my favorite sonic unyon band (but is that 
really saying much?).  they played really really well, and shook the hell 
out of me.  i really like the album a lot, so i was curious to see if 
they could pull it off live, and rest assured, they can.  lots of 
effects, buried vocals, crazy guitar work, subdued drumming.  a really 
powerful performance. HOWEVER i had to keep closing my eyes for fear that 
i would start laughing at them.  the bass player kept on making gross 
"i'm gonna cum!" bass faces and puckering up his face like a fish.  he 
also did the evil knee-raise bass player move and shook his head around a 
lot a la gord downie.  not what you would expect from a bunch of 
shoegazers/dream poppers.  also, one of the strat weilding (ugh) guitar 
players actually had the nerve to take his shirt off.  BEFORE THEY EVEN 
GOT ON STAGE.  yoinks.  that's just gross.  zero style points here.

-finally slowburn.  they played three chords, didn't even start singing, 
didn't even hit the first verse of the first song, and my girlfriend and 
i had already turned to each other in disgust and left the building.  
they were putrid effetes.