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Re: what's past is past

On Fri, 9 Aug 1996, heather cooper wrote:

> I went to the superfriendz show at the X Club last Sunday.  My friends all 
> phoned at the usual time that evening seeing if I wanted to watch them get 
> drunk in an abandoned house ( I don't drink, so you can imagine my 
> excitement).  I was thinking about taking some friends to the show, but this 
> inspired me to ditch them, and, get this.....go alone.  So I took the half 
> hour drive to Hamilton which was kind of scary cuz I don't know the area so 
> well and sat down for the mediocre opening bands.

>  When I got home my 
> friends all made fun of me because i was at a superfriendz show with no 
> friends.  But I will admit that those Hamilton all agers were really cool 
> about me being there alone, which is something the Toronto scene would not 
> be cool about.

I won't comment on the Toronto all-ages scene(because I haven't been to 
any all ages shows) but I've gone to shows at the Toronto bars myself 
several times and people are totally cool about it. It's not that I 
wouldn't mind going with someone but I've found it difficult to drag any 
one of the few friends I have to live shows because they aren't quite 
into the same music as me. (Although I am slowly introducing my friend 
Dino to the east-coast music scene who I managed to drag to a Plumtree 
show as well as the recent Sappy Tour show...and he actually liked the 
music!) I've found that if you go to a show alone, you know it's a good 
show when you're totally into the music rather than feeling self-consious 
about being there by yourself.