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Re: The Sloan in-store tour

On Sat, 10 Aug 1996, Joe Chan barely sputtered through his anger:  

> Actually, staying in town and doing a lot of national press in one little
> city, not to mention one little redneck city, is mighty corporate.
> Especially when record company reps, and not Murder ones but MCA,
> accompany you everywhere.

you tell 'em joe!! :) hee hee. but anyway, marc brown works for murder and
will be accompanying the sloans on this tour. those other MCA guys are
just jealous grunt workers trying to cash in on a good thing. hahaha, just

not that i know the reasons behind the tour or have a clue what's up in
the sloan world, but it does seem kinda weird. at least patrick's dreams
of jetsetting are finally coming true. :)

snot-nosed wannabe tara