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real and true gossip

ok, so i was reading the coast (sponsored by booze!) last night while
waiting for the euphonic to play and i happened to notice this bit of
gossip. first they mentioned that eve hartling and chip sutherland,
collectively as a couple, are having a child, then they go on to mention
how the hardship post broke up this summer, just like eric's trip. there
have been rumors galore in town about the hp breaking up, but this was the
first time i'd seen it in print. what's the deal? i have my own personal
(and probably cruel and lameass) theories, but i was wondering if anyone
had a clue. i'm so disappointed, i loved how they kept changing and trying
new things and according to some, they were getting really great these
last few months.

also, i just wanted to say pooh on you halifax for not coming to an
amazing show last night. the euphonic were quite good and it was the first
time i've seen them, so i didn't know what to expect. i guess henry, their
bassist played with chris and jay from sloan in kearney lake road way back
in the day. he was damn fine. the songs were catchy enough and i loved
their vocals. lots of other band members were out to catch their set, that
was nice to see. rebecca west were outstanding once again, they get you
sucked into their rhythms and it's just wonderful. hercules played what i
considered their coolest set yet and i think they are doing some fairly
interesting stuff, it's not something i've heard from any other bands in
this town. plus their drummer wears a cowboy hat. it's too bad no one ever
sees them since they are always opening for other bands and no one goes to
shows early in the evening, but haha, more for me.

that is all the gossip i have for now, but for anyone who cares, rod and i
were talking to paul from piggy tonight and apparently they will be
playing next weekend at the bike shop. dammit, that's a show i'd hate to

tickets for the halifax on music thingy apparently go on sale next

ps/ scarce's new record freakin' rocks. :)