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Re: Jale questions

On Sat, 10 Aug 1996, Patrick Wilkins wrote:

> >Jale Scarce and Scratching Post at Lee's on the 17th of August.
> Are Scarce an EC band? I don't remember reading anything about them...

probably because you've deleted any mention of them that i or someone 
else may have posted? :)
they're from rhode island...technically on the east coast.
they might as well be an east coast band...they're certainly well loved 
in halifax by anyone who's seen them live!
halifax, n.s. got a special thanks in their new cd "deadsexy" too!
check them out! go buy the album or their "red" ep...you won't be 

> Jale and Scarce (not SP, darnit) are playing the Volcano in Kitchener on
> August 19

man...you can see scratching post anytime. check out scarce!


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