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Re: what's past is past

>excitement).  I was thinking about taking some friends to the show, but this
>inspired me to ditch them, and, get this.....go alone.  So I took the half
>hour drive to Hamilton which was kind of scary cuz I don't know the area so
>well and sat down for the mediocre opening bands.  Cletus was kind of dorky

Cool, Heather! I've gone to shows by myself many times (nine, now that I
think about it) when I just want to see a band and nobody will go, and I
always have a great time. There's something to be said for not having to
worry about where your friends are off to or what they'll be wanting to do
after the show. Number 10 will probably be next week when I see Jawbox (for
the second time) alone (for the second time).

>be dead or something, but he jumped right back up again.  When I got home my
>friends all made fun of me because i was at a superfriendz show with no
>friends.  But I will admit that those Hamilton all agers were really cool
>about me being there alone, which is something the Toronto scene would not
>be cool about.

Is the Toronto scene really that hung up? The Detroit scene, with a few
exceptions, is really bad about appearances and being "cool", but nobody
has ever questioned my being there alone or tried to make me feel
unwelcome. And my friends -- well, they know how many concerts I go to, and
I think they're just relieved when I don't drag them along.  :-)