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what's past is past

Hi, you haven't heard from me in a while, cuz my server wouldn't let me send 
messages, although I received all of yours.  What have I done since then?  
Well I attempted to apologize for my remarks about all ages shows, which so 
many of you found to be offensive.  It's not worth sending the whole message 
since it was so long ago, but I had a nice little paragraph worked out which 
explained in greater detail what I had meant to say.
I went to the superfriendz show at the X Club last Sunday.  My friends all 
phoned at the usual time that evening seeing if I wanted to watch them get 
drunk in an abandoned house ( I don't drink, so you can imagine my 
excitement).  I was thinking about taking some friends to the show, but this 
inspired me to ditch them, and, get this.....go alone.  So I took the half 
hour drive to Hamilton which was kind of scary cuz I don't know the area so 
well and sat down for the mediocre opening bands.  Cletus was kind of dorky 
punk, and I've never been a big fan of Gorp.  But finally Superfriendz came 
on and played a wicked set.  Lots of stuff from their new 10", and from 
their 7"s and the album.  Similar to the show at Patricks which I heard 
about, Matt stood up on the bass drum at the end, only this time he slipped 
and fell face first on the floor with his guitar.  I thought he was going to 
be dead or something, but he jumped right back up again.  When I got home my 
friends all made fun of me because i was at a superfriendz show with no 
friends.  But I will admit that those Hamilton all agers were really cool 
about me being there alone, which is something the Toronto scene would not 
be cool about.
Anyways that's my week summed up.  And if anybody actually made it this far 
into my letter, I congratulate you for your dedication to the Net.

 Heather           heather\!/globalserve.on.ca

    "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams."  
                               -Willy Wonka