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RE: a new record

Today (aug.9/96) Wayne wrote:

>I am as much of a fan of Sloan as the next person...I listen to
>anything I can get my hands on by them but the new record just isnt
>their best work.  I think their older stuff was alot better and
>compared to new cd's that I have recently purchased, I dont find "one
>chord to another" as good.
>I think I elevated my hopes up too much.  I purchased through a
>friend at a record store my copy of the new cd a couple of days
>before it was released and was really expecting a killer album.  But
>it is good, just not as good as I had hoped.

Hey man,

I understand what you're talking about. At first when i got the new sloan
album i thought it was totally bad. My impression of Sloan was fading. But
then my girlfriend started listening to it and i got to hear it more (than
once). I found myself playing one song over and over at first. then every
once in a while i was too preocupied to stop the cd from continuing and it
played on. Now i realize how awesome that disk really is and am ashamed
that i ever doubted the boys.

Sloan is ever trying new things and ever changing. They hate repeting their
records. If this is what you want - buy a def leopard album. (hehehehe)

Big Time Sloan Fan,

"Please forgive me Sloan!!??" - me