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Re: elevator to HELL

>  How come there have been hardly any mentions of the new elevator album?
>For the many of you who don't even have the first one, they are both
>available on the new CD.  It is a must have for any eric's trip fans
>(except perhaps those few forevre again bashers), and anyone who is into
>home recording in general.  Rick is not only a great singer/songwriter, but
>his production on these albums really shines through due to the
>instrumetnal sparsity.  He creates a wonderful moody atmoshpere.  I could
>go on...
>Thank me later.

buy this album and for those lucky people like me who have the first 12''
just buy the new release on 12" vinyl because it's just the ep.. so get off
you butt and spend sopme money. and the new vinyl is on the new sub pop 50%
thicker. it's a very good pressing....................

ryan (lego-man)
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