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Re: sianspheric

At 12:24 PM 8/9/96 -0400, you wrote:

>If you're expecting anything along the lines of Sianspheric, Slowburn will
>be a big disappointment.  I don't think they're very good so my view is
>coloured at best.  They had a big hit awhile ago with a teen-generated
>anthem called "Whatever" (I wonder who said "oh well
>whatever...nevermind"?).  Their latest disc is out on Handsome Boy, home of
>Rusty.  You can check 'em out for yourself, but it's just more of that
>three-chord pop bullshit.
>Whatever comes and goes...Geneyus.

I would like to add to this by saying they even sound like Nirvana, and w/ a
song titled "whatever" it makes you wonder. I think the whole Hnadsome Boy
label sucks, except the Monoxides. Oh well....


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