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Re: sianspheric

...but really, there's time enough to go down to the oasis and catch
hercules, the euphonic, and rebecca west before going to birdland to see
sianspheric. wow, what a bargain, three fabulous bands for only 4 bucks
with enough spare time to catch at least sianspheric and knowing birdland,
the first two or three ;) opening acts as well!!! I LOVE THIS CITY,
DARLINGS!!!!! :)

so come on down, see some fine bands, meet some more sloan net "chicks",
hoist a few and party down with hercules, the euphonic and yes, rebecca
west (their first August performance in Halifax!!!!!!) and then trudge
over to birdland. yes, folks, a better deal cannot be had, i guarantee it!

but wait, there's more. you also get this handsome walnut ball!

[dramatization: walnut ball may not actually exist]