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Re: Plumtree on Realtime

Alex Mlynek <amlynek\!/interlog.com> had this to say about Re: Plumtree on Realtime

}I believe the first song they played was Sodium Chloride, which is on Mass
}Teen Fainting and is also the b-side on the Water Had Leaked Into My Suit
}7".  I can't give an exact transcription but they did explain that the song
}Sodium Chloride was so named because the formula for Sodium chloride is NACL
}and before Nina left that was an acronym for all the band members.  They
}also said that they were going to call the song Table Salt, but that they
}thought that was a little too obscure.  They played two other songs as well.

OK, the acronym never struck me.  The reason they applied it to that 
particular song, I thought, was because the guitar riff in the song 
is a straight ripoff of "Born to Be Wild", and the meter of that 
phrase as sung by Steppenwolf can be matched by singing "Sodium 
Chloride", and probably there was some in-joke where somebody in 
the band sang it that way.

I'm always curious how songs get names which aren't in the lyrics.

}  Other topics covered:  Types of music the band is into.  According to
}Carla, she and Lynette are into harder music like punk rock,

Since Carla was a serious headbanger when younger (I kinda miss her 
long hair, could hardly recognize her after she cut it), and the 
sisters have their very cool punk side project called Absolutely 
Nothing (This one's for you, Frankie!).  Whose album cover is ripped 
off in a photo (by me) of the Fans From Hell, available on the Fans 
>From Hell web page.

Chem god,