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Re: Sloan Spotlight Reminder

At 02:15 AM 8/6/96 -0400, you wrote:
>actually, just wondering if any of you are sick and tired with the lack 
>of cool shows around...I've sorta started collecting live recordings to get 
>around the fact that Superchunk will never come back to Ottawa, or that 
>Polvo played Montreal on a night I really couldn't get down there...if 
>you got bootlegs, send me your list and I'll send ya mine...lots to 
>choose from, but little EC content :(
If you are looking for a good show in ottawa be sure to check out six finger
satellite and the jesus lizard in ottawa on friday...should be an amazing show.
and 6FS played at edge (uh sloan) fest last year. ec. so there!
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