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impressive effort

i'd just like to congratulate all participants in the aussie challenge, and
seeing as there can only be one winner, the others should be congratulated
on a champion effort.

thanking all participants for their time and the postmasterlistmamagerboy
for his patience in regards to the non EC content over the past few days.

i have tallied the results and have them here with me in the computer lab.

awaiting the judges decision can be a harrowing few moments so without
further ado and without further bullshit, here are the winners

1st place with ten mentions
        BEN LEE/NOISE ADDICT (although they really should be classed seperately)

2nd place with eight mentions
        SILVERCHAIR (omigod)

3rd place with seven mentions
        MIDNIGHT OIL (i wonder what peter garret is up to these days? anyone?)

i'm not sure what these results say about australians and what we export to
you guys, but i'm alarmed!

i personally was impressed with the following mentions;
godstar, smudge, pollyanna, small world experience, magic dirt,
screamfeeder, diolene, welcome mat, melniks, you am i, drop city and of
course icehouse, how they slipped my mind i'm not sure, but thanks for the
reminder al the same!

so there you have it and yes the olympics are over.

the australian catchcry was one to be proud of

COME ON AUSSIE GO FOR BRONZE, and as an aussie, you gotta be proud of that!

arthur tunstall for president!



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