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Re: Sloan Spotlight Reminder

> video for Coax Me is their best one. Very nice! 

personally my vote goes to people in the sky...coax me looks 
unfinished...apparently the blue screen was supposed to give way to cool 
backdrop graphics but the money ran out...simon evans slagged them for 
the video...but he was so blunt about it...hehe...he essentially sort of 
said "what the hell happened with that video ?!?!?!"...oh like he knows 
anything anyway !!

actually, just wondering if any of you are sick and tired with the lack 
of cool shows around...I've sorta started collecting live recordings to get 
around the fact that Superchunk will never come back to Ottawa, or that 
Polvo played Montreal on a night I really couldn't get down there...if 
you got bootlegs, send me your list and I'll send ya mine...lots to 
choose from, but little EC content :(

PS. I mean...Pavement, Blues explosion and Archers have played (or will 
be playing) the 'Peg...what gives ???  Here in Ottawa we just get the 
shaft I tell ya'...