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aussie challenge ---> plumtree plug

At the risk of contributing even more to an already extended non-EC,
thread, I must mention the band Clag, from Australia.

Wait... I can tie this in to East Coast.... give me a minute:

CLAG have three songs on a split 7" with Winnipeg's B'EHL on Endearing
Records (check out http://www.mbnet.mb.ca/~endear or

Clag, much like B'ehl, are a female-fronted, young band, and very "cute" songs.

Anyway, B'ehl lost the YTV awards to Plumtree a couple years ago, and still
may harbour some resentment. Plumtree, of course, are East Coast content,
and due to play a show in Waterloo on August 30th (note new date). Details

Incidentally, also entered in the very same YTV contest were Sydney on
Sundays, from Toronto, and they'll be playing with Plumtree at the Waterloo

EC enough for you?


ps Anyone remember Kevin Bloody Wilson?
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