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aussie challenge...

actually, it seems people on this list know more australian bands than I 
would thought...you guys just don't flood our market !!!
then again, think to maybe 5 or 10 years ago, and tell me 
the canadian bands that would have come to mind...if it weren't for the 
Sloan explosion, we wouldn't be this lucky...as an oldie, who sort of 
remembers when loverboy (eek !) and honeymoon suite (ay caramba !) or 
platinum blonde (lordy !) were famous, I think we got to thank Nirvana 
and Sloan big time for what's happening now...not many easily available 
compilations out of Australia though, you know ?  ok...what about the 
Church, they're australian...and a slice of heaven when you're in the 
mood for lush guitar pop...best australian band ?  midnight oil...without 
a doubt...they may not do it musically so much anymore, but there are few 
bands that can rock so hard on stage...Hoodoo Gurus are old too, but boy 
can the rock !!!!  one of the loudest concerts I've ever been to...musically, 
You Am I are just like butter...and Smudge write the songs that Evan Dando 
could have written if he weren't in love with the mirror...kudos to Ben Lee 
and Noise Addict too...people who are amazed at the talent of 16 year old 
australian dudes are looking the wrong way if they're looking at 
silverchair...Ben Lee's gonna be somethin'...

it's funny you mentioned INXS...'cause on that 80's weekend on Much 
Music, I shuddered to think I actually bought an INXS album a long time 
ago...hehe...but hey...Men At Work are still the best !!! ;)

> now a question for you guys.
> who do you think of when you think of australian music?
> could you guys name 5 australian bands?
> i'd be interested to know what this country is known for, musically speaking.
> and please don't post anything about INXS.
> *nat*