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maritime/dance contest

fri night an allages dance contest/instruction session (the brave among 
us learned to do"the swing" to the sweet sounds of the avengers7) was 
held at the khyber in hfx...although my roommate & I missed johnny guitar 
we did see the guitar/drum combo dusty sorbet(bob) & the 3 bunioneers 
(benn)...1 onlooker remarked that they sounded a bit like the velvet 
underground but it might have been the slide show (shant swore he saw 
sloan in there somewhere)...the piggy guy (whose name always escapes me) 
& his wife chicken sold cotton candy by the side of the stage...it was 
avengers7 seventh show & it was groovy & exhuberant without being 
cringingly campy b/c they all play so well....mmmmm...dreamy....
oh & today i saw great big sea (who do that "celtic rock" thing for which 
we maritimers are so infamous;)...their stage patter is flawless...& 
more EC content:i saw stan the man (who some of you may remember fr 
cbc's switchback & long in the "where are they now file" of hfx 
celebrities) lounging in a doorway across the st fr my apt, he gave me 
that indignant "don't you know who I *am*?" look that I remember so well 
fr his visit to our school in grade7...never did the host of a kids show 
hate children so much)....................................kat

PS the only austrailian band I can think of that hasn't yet been 
mentioned (I'm not even sure if they're still a going concern) is 
Ripe, of the excellent live shows (with merge in hfx several yrs ago) & 
terrible "plastic hassle"cd...oh and...aren't rick 
springfield,helen reddy & olivia newton-john aussies as well:)