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Re: aussie challenge

>now a question for you guys.
>who do you think of when you think of australian music?
>could you guys name 5 australian bands?

Why are aussies always asking me to name 5 australian bands? Is it just
me?!?! The last one who asked me had never even heard of most of the bands
I named!

Anyway... You Am I, Noise Addict/Ben Lee, Silverchair, Midnight Oil, Dead
Can Dance, AC/DC, Frente, Kylie Minogue, Divinyls, Olivia Newton-John, and
everyone's 80s faves (except for INXS, of course) Icehouse are who pops
into mind right off. Wasn't there another 80s band from Australia called
Love An Adventure or something -- they covered "Funkytown", whoever they