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Re: aussie challenge

>who do you think of when you think of australian music?
>could you guys name 5 australian bands?

okay, it's totally off-topic but I cannot help it, I'll have to answer
this since I was a totally sucker for Australian music like five years
ago or so, maybe more (I'm getting old...:)

1. Hard-Ons ("Dickcheese"! What an album!)
2. God ("My Pal"! What a song! What a lyric! "You're my only friend and
you don't even like me...")
3. Hellmenn 
4. Psychotic Turnbuckles
5. Ratcat

Bonus: Cosmic Psychos, Celibate Rifles, Massappeal, Filthy Scumbags, 
Birthday Party, Lime Spiders, Died Pretty, Asylum, Exploding White Mice,
Jason Donovan & Kylie Minogue :)

So, is Waterfront Records still in business?

EC? Um, well, there's a song on the new Moonsocket CD that sounds
a bit like one by the Hard-Ons. :)

Take care,


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