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Re: aussie challenge

>At 10:57 AM 8/5/96 -0400, you wrote:
> I just had to join in...
>>who do you think of when you think of australian music?
>>could you guys name 5 australian bands?
> 1. Ben Lee/Noise Addict
> 2. Magic Dirt
> 3. Screamfeeder
> 4. Ammonia
> 5. Diolene

bravo for australian independent music!

can i show off here? i know band members of both ammonia and diolene...
they're form my town... 

>BTW, isn't Crowded House technically from New Zealand, Shant?? :)

technically no, neil finn is a kiwi... but the rest of the band are

i would specify my five australian bands, but i don't count, cos i live in

and hey! nice to see you're on the ball, pelley!