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Re: Out of Country???

> I'm just wondering because I know that the majority of Canadian bands (and
> many, many good ones) that are well known here at home are like complete
> nobody's as soon as they cross the border into the States (i.e. the
> Tragically Hip).

I wonder if that's gonna change as MuchMusic becomes more & more
available in the States. I have it on cable (they just doubled the
number of cable stations I get!) and there is a 'low-power' station in
town that shows a couple hours of MuchMusic a day. In udder words:
Canadian Musicque is going to get a _lot_ more exposure here in the
next few years as MuchMusic gets added to cable systems everywhere.
> I'm amazed that Canadian music, and EC music especially has done well with
> Americans, and especially Australians and Europeans.  Not necessarily
> because their tastes are any different, but because of the lack of exposure
> Canadian music gets (except of course for Bryan "PUKE-HURL-SPEW" Adams).
> P.S.S - Still looking for a name for my band, so ANY suggestions would be
> appreciated.

Manos, the Hands of Fate	Lump
Gamera				Thigh
Flying Turtles			Yak

all right, I'll stop now.