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Re: aussie challenge

> now a question for you guys.
> who do you think of when you think of australian music?
> could you guys name 5 australian bands?
> i'd be interested to know what this country is known for, musically speaking.

1. The Hoodoo Gurus! (fab band! one of my faves!)
2. The Trilobites
3. Midnight Oil
4. Men At Work
5. Silverchair!

> and please don't post anything about INXS.

I hope 'Men At Work' was OK, then. They were lotsa fun when I was in
(ohmigod!) Hi Skule. I hear there's a new Hoodoo's album out in
Australia that's not out in the States. Shades of Sloan! 'Stoneage
Romeos' is one of my all time favoritest records ever.

I heard, second or third hand, that the U.S. release date for OCTA is
in early October sometime.

Me, I first heard Sloan in a record store where the owner would always
play stuff for me he thought I would like in hopes I would buy it. And
then I got a comp. from Refelx magazine just as they went under that
had 'Underwhelmed' on it. It rawked my world.