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Re: Out of Country???

>> that works, my friend and her brittPop list e-mail MuchMusic and they had
>> like a weekend of Brittpop.
>Yes, I remember that well...last weekend when they played nothing but 
>Oasis...or was that the weekend before?...

No, not Oasis but real Brittpop. Like blur and those other Brittpop
bands that i can't name. It was a couple months ago anyway.
Let's get them to do something on the ET side projects. Well, i guess
there no longer side projects 'cause they're full time projects now.
Anyway there's a small chance that it might happen so why not try, guys.

It's better than all the crap that they play most of the time. I'm lucky
i don't have cable so i don't have to put up with it, because i know
if i did that i'd probaly wouldn't stop watching it. And god I start
singing Alanis Morisette, Eegad!!!

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