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Re: Out of Country???

digital wrote:
> On August 2, 1996, J Murphy wrote:
> >...to all you Sloanetters who reside out of Canada.  I'm just
> >curious as to how you guys heard of any of the Canadian EC bands
> >
> >I'm just wondering because I know that the majority of Canadian bands (and
> >many, many good ones) that are well known here at home are like complete
> >nobody's as soon as they cross the border into the States (i.e. the
> >Tragically Hip).
> even living here in nova scotia, it's a shock if i find someone who has 
good taste in music.  i go to school at st fx in antigonish (two hours 
or so from halifax), and, i swear, the people who listen to all the 
rockin' east coast bands are few and far between (i think there's about 
ten to fifteen of us).  our campus radio station is on the verge of 
falling apart because so few people show up for their shows, and those 
who do play mostly green day, alanis, the rankins, great big sea, etc.  
it's sad, since these people all have access to great stuff, but true. 
what to do, what to do...