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super parrot power

i don't think anyone has reviewed the sfz's latest release, so here's my 
2 cents or so about the 10"..

(i've only had one listen to the entire thing, since i don't have a 
turntable, and my mind is full of useless info pertaining to my exam 
tomorrow, so i apologize in advance)

the 10" itself is a nice glossy black, accented with a lovely yellow 
circle in the middle.  the cover has a couple of parrots, and the motif 
is quite 70s...

here are the tracks on _play the game, not games_:
- green hands : sung by drew, it's the song with the "yeah yeah"-s in
   it.  it sounds like it's lacking spunk when compared to the live version
- ? : oops, i forgot the song title.  it's a lovely tune sung by
   charles.  kinda on the slower side.  it's lovely.  
- boots : different than the "rescue us.." single, as well as the
   _sticktoitiveness_ version.  but it's still good. :)
- machine green : another matt murphy song.  clever lyrics, involving the
   word "green" in people's names.  very catchy :)
- rescue us from boredom : a new version, recorded just like how charles
   sings it live
- half-mast : sad song sung by matt
- sorry : wicked cover (although i haven't heard the original)!  it was
   recorded when they were on a radio show somewhere in the states.  you can
   feel the fun as well as the energy.  the song then breaks into the -->
- sfz theme song : without the screeches (the oo's and ee's), like when
   they were on the wedge last year

too bad they didn't put "up and running" onto the 10".  i am 
anxious to hear that song recorded

p.s.  everyone who asked me to tape sloan radio stuff --> i am moving 
very soon, so contact me so i can give you my permanent address.  there's 
no way i can get my mail forwarded without paying canada post, and i'm 
not paying them...

carol nishitoba  :)   2B e.r.s., co-op  !   he said "sure"
ccnishit\!/cousteau.uwaterloo.ca          !   now what?