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Re: SuperFriendz show Sunday

August 4th, Ryan Kimber wrote:

>Anyone who did miss out on Patrick's wonderful hospitality but would
>still like to see the SuperFriendz play right now, their playing
>tonight (Sunday, August 4th) at the X-Club in Hamilton.  It's all ages,
>and I think it's 18 bucks.  Besides, the people who show up to the
>X-Club for shows like this (like when Rebecca West played) are generally
>pretty cool.
>Hope to see some of you there.

The superfriendz are in Hamilton? Are they traveling any far west? I live
in Regina, does anyone know if they play here anytime soon?

p.s. Whoever it was that had the superfriendz play in their basement, that
sounds like a blast! How do I get them to play in MY basement? hehehe How
much did it cost? How did you arrange it?

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