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SFZ twice in a row!!! :)

 wowee what a weekend!
Patrick what a wonderful guy.  I was very amazed at how well everyone
behaved at Patrick's house.  no smoking, etc.  Kelly, Julie and I arrived at
the point when everything was being transfered into the basement.  there was
no pushing or shoving going on, and everyone sat down like little nice boys
and girls.  And Patrick gets shoved in the bathroom:(  SFZ really seemed to
be enjoying it and Matt made the best of the room they had and perched
himself on the bass drum, back hunched over.  and surprisingly enough, it
wasn't that loud being in the tight area.  we might have caught the first
three songs, but we seemed to have hit a few snags in the directions(going
in circles around one way streets), and something about tires??????

saturday, buffalo nickel lounge,
  SFZ opened for the Waltons(love children of cRash test dummies and
hootie), and played some good tunes.  they shared the waltons drum kit so
matt didnt climb aboard.  both matt and drew did some jumping(in sync!!!)
and some mighty karate kicks too.  they closed with 'sorry' and then lonnie
asked the crowd for some cheers by pounding some hard rolls and then leaning
forward with his hand cupping his ear.  all the drunk jocks yelled, so did
we, us sober fans, and they broke into the theme song.  despite all the
drunken couples sticking each others fingers up their partners shorts and
all the tongueing going on, and the *gag* performance by the Wallflowers,
sorry, the Wildflowers, no, wait, who was it again??? oh yeah the.....forget it.


"can we cut the Freebird????" ---mAtt murphy after they announced they were
ready to play and the p.a. music wouldn't stop.  they then joined in playing
along with the guitar solo part in Freebird.