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Re: Plumtree on Realtime

Michael Ligon wrote: 
>Realtime concert a while back.) I was wondering if anyone could give a 
>rundown on what happened(ie. what was performed, songs played off 
>CD/vinyl/tape, interview questions). I know it's asking alot, but I'd 
>appreciate a transcription if there was an interview. Thanks. 

I believe the first song they played was Sodium Chloride, which is on Mass
Teen Fainting and is also the b-side on the Water Had Leaked Into My Suit
7".  I can't give an exact transcription but they did explain that the song
Sodium Chloride was so named because the formula for Sodium chloride is NACL
and before Nina left that was an acronym for all the band members.  They
also said that they were going to call the song Table Salt, but that they
thought that was a little too obscure.  They played two other songs as well.

  Other topics covered:  Types of music the band is into.  According to
Carla, she and Lynette are into harder music like punk rock, while Amanda
said that she likes poppier stuff, ie: Heavenly. That totally makes sense to
me cause at times they really sound like Tiger Trap.  And that Catriona
(Katriona?) is really into Blues and that she used to be a blues guitarist.
They also talked about the tricks to saving money while on the road.  They
said that people should buy all their food at grocery stores instead of
restaurants cause it is way cheaper.  

Hope that helps.
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