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Super Friendz gig, post-mortem.

Hey kids,

I just finished cleaning up my basement and back yard, listening to my
brand-new "Play the Game, Not Games" Super Friendz show and actually
beginning to comprehend that the band played in my very basement last night...

Anyway, I hope someone will post a more thorough review on here; I'm afraid
I didn't see much of the show after we got rained out and had to cram 50 -
60 people in the basement. (I think I kinda saw Drew from the bathroom, once
or twice.)

With everyone's donations, I almost broke even on the whole thing, and the
free 10" made up for the difference. Thanks a million to everyone who helped
out, especially the SloanNetters (Sizzleteen, Warren, Heather & Shawn) and
everyone who showed up from Toronto, London, Hamilton, and even Buffalo! I
think this shows that DIY gigs can work, and I'd be glad to help anyone else
who's doing one in the future.

Now I just have to study for that exam tonight...


ps If anyone has pictures of that event, taken on a GOOD camera (ie Nikon or
Canon or other semi-professional device) please email me immediately. Chart
magazine wants to run something in their September issue, and they need a
nice photograph to run. Here's your chance to go national...
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