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Re: Super Friendz gig, post-mortem.

Heya peep's.....

        Well Patricks show turned out to be great, and if you missed it,
well you suck. The first set of the evening was done a solo performer named
Will, he was really good, his sounds kinda like Hayden, if Lou Barlow had
written the songs, and not Hayden. Will was a cool set, Heather bought his
tape and I can't wait to hear it. As the sky started to darken the
Superfriendz hit the stage, errr back lawn and got through about 3 songs
before it started to pour. The original idea was to move the show into the
garage, but I kinda have a feeling The SuperFriendz coaxed Patrick into
moving into his basement. After about 20 mins of reconstructing Patricks
basement the SF set up and we crammed about 50+ into a basement the size of
the stage at the volcano, it was fun though. The SuperFriendz contiuned
there set w/ three new songs off the brand spanking new 10" which matt
seemed to wanna pawn off onto everyone really bad =) They also played such
songs as 10lbs, Karate Man and Resuce Us From Boredom. Oh and the new
SuperFriendz single will be called Judo Man, but Matt was joking, I hope =)
Matt also said that the new album will be out in October, and they were
heading out to mix it on monday. The Superfriendz will be heading out on
tour around the same time w/ Zumpano( you must see this band!!!!!!!) and
some dates w/ Thee Suddens and maybe some w/ The Sadies(another must see
band). Anyways I think fun was had by all, I would like to thank Patrick for
having the show and being a great host !!!! Patrick is putting together a
Plum Tree show, and if at all possible go and check it out, he sounds to be


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