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Re: Out of Country???

I live in the Detroit area and for a long time the only station playing
"alternative" music around here was actually located in Windsor. It's
actually a very American station which caters to the American audience
across the river, but it's still subject to Canadian content laws. :-)

Anyway, they play Sloan, the Tragically Hip, the Odds, Pluto, Pure, Moist,
Jale, Superfriendz, Killjoys, Hayden, etc., etc. -- pretty much anyone who
has a hit in Canada will get at least *some* airplay on this station and/or
its newer sister station ("adult alternative" -- ?!?!?!). I'm moving to
Atlanta in couple of months, and I'm really going to miss my Canadian music
(not to mention that the radio stations down there suck). So I've
subscribed to Chart and I'm going to make a trip to a used record store in
Windsor to stock up before I leave.

I just saw the Tragically Hip a couple of months ago in Toledo, and the
only time I've ever seen as many Canadian flags in one place is when I saw
Sarah McLachlan in Detroit on Canada Day (and they say Canadians aren't
patriotic...). The difference was, she was playing a sold out show to about
10,000 people, mostly American, and the Hip were playing a show with plenty
of seats empty to a crowd of maybe 1500-2000. Then I saw them at Eden a few
weeks later with 55,000+, and it seemed almost surreal in comparison! I
wonder if someday I'll get to see them open at some local Atlanta band's
record release party...!? :-)

>Just a question to all you Sloanetters who reside out of Canada.  I'm just
>curious as to how you guys heard of any of the Canadian EC bands, whether
>it was stumbling upon them at various shows or word of mouth or on TV or
>I'm just wondering because I know that the majority of Canadian bands (and
>many, many good ones) that are well known here at home are like complete
>nobody's as soon as they cross the border into the States (i.e. the
>Tragically Hip).
>I'm amazed that Canadian music, and EC music especially has done well with
>Americans, and especially Australians and Europeans.  Not necessarily
>because their tastes are any different, but because of the lack of exposure
>Canadian music gets (except of course for Bryan "PUKE-HURL-SPEW" Adams).
>I'm just curious.