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Re: plumtree all ages in vancouver!!

Micheael Ligon wrote:
>I'm jealous! I don't recall The Softies ever playing the Toronto area. 
>Maybe someone who goes to the above show could mention there are some 
>Toronto Area fans.(To appease those disgruntled about the lack of east 
>coast content in the above statements, yes, I am going to try my darndest 
>to catch Plumtree and Broken Girl when they swing through the Canadian 
>National Exhibition at the end of August!)

I too am jealous.  If somebody has any connections to The Softies I would
really appreciate it if you told them that they have some big fans in the TO
area, who would definitely love to see them.  I don't know if that sounds
redundant but I hadn't checked my e-mail all week and I had 132 messages to
go through so my brain is a little fried.

Hope that you all had a good week.
Take care 

ps- Not that the all-ages issue hasn't been overdone but I just thought that
I would say that Heather Cooper isn't some big music snob, she's just
frustrated that she can't go to all the cool shows she hears about.  The day
will come soon enough my dear.  Props go out to Tara Lee and Andrew
Rodenhiser for their opinions on the topic. 
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