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that super friendz gig..

anyone who's anyone was there... oops, wrong band reference! :)

the super friendz actually came to k-w for the first time since their 
tour with al tuck.  and that's exactly the last time i saw them.  they 
played superbly, given the space constraints.

songs.. umm... "undertow", "rescue us..", "machine green", "green hands", 
"sorry", "karate man" (er, judo man/taekwondo boy ;) ), "10 lbs", "theme 
song" (which is on the 10"), "down in flames", "up and running" (which 
will *finally* be on the upcoming full-length), "when they paid me", 
"restricted"... and a few others i can't remember.

i'd review the 10", but not having a pre-amp for my turntable, i can't 
hear it.  the colour of the vinyl is black, the sleeve is yellow with a 
picture of two parrots on the front.  oh, and a pic of a 20-sided die on 
the back.  red.  belong to.... ?  and if you squint your eyes very 
closely, you can read on the spine of the sleeve that it says "play the 
game, not games".  really, *really* squint your eyes.

back to the show. it was very well executed!  it was cool seeing them outdoors 
at first, but it started raining (a la edgy fest 3?), so the show 
moved indoors into a cramped basement.  but matt did give us a couple of 
karate man kicks!  *AND* he stood on the bass drum, but had to bend since 
the ceiling was pretty low.  really low.  he did not fall or knock over 
the drumkit, though. (darn?)  

i think everyone there, including the band, enjoyed the show. yay! so a 
big hurrah for the super friendz, and thank you to patrick (especially  
for letting me kidnap them for a while :) )!


carol nishitoba  :)   2B e.r.s., co-op  !   he said "sure"
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