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ETH CD/vinyl EP - Canada


Though the release date of the ETH is August 6th in the US it will be
released a little later in Canada.
Expect your favourite supplier of Sub Pop vinyl to have their ETH vinyl EP's
around August 13th and CD's will be in stores on August 20th (save your
money now because the new Sebadoh will be available that very same day and
you want that too!).

and ETH promised to be touring (don't ask, I don't know when just yet but
when i know I'll let you know too)

on another note:
the jale dates for their Canadian tour with Scarce are almost all confirmed,
I'll be posting them next week at some point 
(after the 6FS instore at Rotate this Tuesday Aug 6 at 3:30 pm or the
godheadSilo/Six Finger Satellite/June of '44/Tristan Psionic show at the
Rivoli on Wednesday Aug 7 - how's that for a non EC plug!!!), stay tuned.