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No bands here

If there is anyone out there who would like to open a club somewhere in
Canada, I beg and plead for you to consider Regina. Ever since the loss of
Channel One, our most frequently 'band visited' club, there has been only
the student's union at the University of Regina that has cool bands (and
they don't advertise very good). So that's why you see bands playing in
Saskatoon instead of Regina. Now I have to travel 3 hours to see a band
when there's no reason why we should have to. I WILL be going to S'toon to
see Jale in August (should rock!).

Does anyone from Sloan ever post on here?

When will those blasted Sloan tour dates come out? (Regina better be
included - heck they can play in my backyard if nowhere else!!)

One more question: How many web sites are there that contain

Oh, hi everyone. I just got here - cool place.

Big time Sloan fan,

"One of you would be CANNON" - penpals