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Out of Country???

Just a question to all you Sloanetters who reside out of Canada.  I'm just
curious as to how you guys heard of any of the Canadian EC bands, whether
it was stumbling upon them at various shows or word of mouth or on TV or

I'm just wondering because I know that the majority of Canadian bands (and
many, many good ones) that are well known here at home are like complete
nobody's as soon as they cross the border into the States (i.e. the
Tragically Hip).

I'm amazed that Canadian music, and EC music especially has done well with
Americans, and especially Australians and Europeans.  Not necessarily
because their tastes are any different, but because of the lack of exposure
Canadian music gets (except of course for Bryan "PUKE-HURL-SPEW" Adams).

I'm just curious.


P.S. - Here's a joke one of friends forwarded to me.

>   I was having a drink at a local restaurant with my friend Justin
>when he spotted an attractive woman sitting at the bar.  After an hour of
>gathering his courage, he approached her and asked, "Would you mind if I
>chatted with you for a while?"
>   She responded by yelling at the top of her lungs, "No, I won't come
>over to your place tonight!"  With everyone in the restaurant staring,
>Justin crept back to our table puzzled and humiliated.  A few minutes
>later,   the woman walked over to us and apologized.  "I'm sorry if I
>embarassed you,"
>she said, "but I'm a graduate student in psychology and I'm studying
>human reaction to embarassing situations."
>   At the top of his lungs Justin responded, "What do you mean two
>hundred dollars?"

P.S.S - Still looking for a name for my band, so ANY suggestions would be