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Elevator to hell 3/3 yields fan from hell

Sunday  july 28   P????? X  hebbville (near bridgewater NS)  

Strawberry:  Due to converstions with ETH some of their set was missed
             They play well, however I still don't really care for their
             style of music.

ETH: They play another 30 minute set, but I think they were kinda 
     dissapointes with the turn out, only about 50-75 in a good size
     town that doesn't get many shows.  They played many new songs
     which will probly be on Part 1-3 coming out soon(Aug 6)

MadHat: I liked these guys, I have since '93. Don't know much of the   
        matterial but they descerve more attention than they get.

Doughboys:  Another show enjoyed from the back of the room where your
            ears don't start to bleed.  They were loud and good.

One of the most important things to happen because of this show was
the first road trip made by a fellow sloannetter. Since this was the
only thing holding her back from becoming a "Fan From Hell", we
are proud to announce that Shannon, our Groovey Goddess now has all
the honour and bragging rights which are bestowed upon Fans From Hell.
However, there is one little thing she has to do before she is 
completely accepted, she has to perform an initiation stunt, which the 
"vetern" Fans have yet to decide.  :)

Congratulations Shannon!!!!!!!!!!!!!


" Gordon Way lay on the ground, unclear about what    Adam Rodenhiser
to do.  Gordon Way was dead, but he simply hadn't     ac768\!/ccn.cs.dal.ca
the slightest idea what he was meant to do about it.  
It wasn't a situation he had encountered before. " -> D.N. Adams

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