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Re: Out of Country???

On August 2, 1996, J Murphy wrote:

>...to all you Sloanetters who reside out of Canada.  I'm just
>curious as to how you guys heard of any of the Canadian EC bands
>I'm just wondering because I know that the majority of Canadian bands (and
>many, many good ones) that are well known here at home are like complete
>nobody's as soon as they cross the border into the States (i.e. the
>Tragically Hip).

I know what you mean! Even within Canada, alot of people who listen to
pop/alternative/whatever music, haven't heard of the east coast names.
Probably more true the farther west you go. They sure don't get ANY radio
play here! And (i dont know about lately) Much Music doesn't give them
enough vidio play. Maybe if we all sent e-mail to Much Music that we would
like to see more East Coast music from them they would boost it. Or at
least mention that 250+ people e-mailed to hear more sloan! What do you
guys think??

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