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Re: Re: east coast drummers

>Hmm, I don't know.. but Mark Gaudet is really good at playing fast punker
>music, but I don't think that makes him the best. 
a very good point.

>Lonnie is pretty cool good style. 

a solid player - and ye've got to love those stick twirls. ;)

>Dave Marsh kicks serious arse. 

indeed. can anyone give me some background info on him? who else does/has he
play(ed) with?

>And Scott plays really well.. 
>even on the albums, I don't know why you would say it doesn't show up on 
>the records.. take another listen, he's good. But to tell you the honest 
>to god truth, nobody does it like Catano- bar none.

well, having never heard him,  I can't comment on Catano's  playing, but
Andrew Scott does indeed kick some
serious arse - from bashing it out ("Lucky For Me") to much more subtle
playing (check out "Shame Shame" - there 
are some very tasty bits in there.) 

it's also a lot of fun (for me, anyway) just to watch him play. 

Mike Belitsky, too, is very, very good.  he sounds much better on "So Wound"
than he did
on the Jellyfishbabies stuff I've heard.. his playing on "SW" is generally
just excellent.

nothing much to say but saying it anyway (oh, what the hell - I've been
a l e x 

Q: Who would win a in fight between a 7th grade drummer and a 7th grade
clarinet player?

A: The drummer -- he's 22.