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Re: *NEW SLOANET* problem?

>Also, just to beat this licenced shows thing to death, how would one
>that has talked to a members of a band SUCH AS The Local Rabbits enough
>so that they would recognize you get into a licenced show if you were
>stopped at the door?
>Do you just say "i know the band" and try to get a member out to ID you?

Maybe it's different in Canada, but here in the States it doesn't matter if
you know the band, you ain't gettin' in (though I'm sure it's happened
before and it'll happen again -- is the band tight with the club owner?).
And there's not much the band can do about it -- the club owner has 100%
authority over what goes on in the club, as long as it isn't illegal or in
violation of the band's contract. Know anybody of age who looks like you?
Get his ID, memorize every bit of information on it (including his
signature) and you're set!