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more of their stupid noise


I got the More of Our Stupid Noise compilation a little while ago (those 
squirtgun people are always REALLY fast in sending merchandise!).   
	It's so good, from start to finish (with a few exceptions).  How 
did they snag lou b.??????  Blown Pony sounds like an old Bruce Cockburn 
song I can't remember, well, just a bit of it does.  It's such a good 
the hHead song is really cool, so is the Scratching Post song.  I was so 
surprised by the Treble Charger song.  I was never really that into 
them, but Bubble and Star is great!  Radioblaster ("what's this shit on 
my radio..."  you said it!).  The shortfall song is catchy and it makes 
me kinda sad to hear it (it's about taking a drive with a friend cuz 
summer's almost over, so true!)

	The elevator to hell song is neato - I love the keyboards.  Rick 
White seems to have dumped his "love gone wrong" lyrics for songs full 
of imagry, his songs are like watching a trees roots grow in fast 
forward.  By the way, by the new elevator to hell album.

Noah's ARchweld - good god that's an awesome song! Does anyone know if 
Noah M. has anything out beside's "Xfriend?"  Please help me!

Moonsocket - wow, you gotta love him.  That recorder is so relaxing.

The New Grand is truly catchy.  I saw "Feel 500" (Orange Glass) live, 
and it was a great song.  Ron's voice can reach all time highs!  Purple 
Knight, rock on.  Broken girl, love it.  I cried.

Well, basically everythings good. Oh yah, versus surprised me (having 
never heard them before).  I love "forest fire."